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RA's Big Journal of Dev Voyage

Solve: There is no Brightness button on my new keyboard ヽ(°〇°)ノ

Solve: There is no Brightness button on my new keyboard ヽ(°〇°)ノ

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Parth Agarwal
·Jun 6, 2021·

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As the title says, I bought a new keyboard for my laptop, unfamiliar with world of keyboards, I went with the safest option, approved by many, the Logitech G213 Prodigy.

Much to my suprise, I was not able to control brightness with this new keyboard.

  • No function keys were mapped to brightness settings
  • There was no specific keys for that
  • Even G Hub software had no System Action for brightness

So, the dev inside me said, lets tackle it with software!
By the help of stack-overflow and powershell docs, I wrote a simple powershell script, to adjust my brightness... {% gist %}

.\brightness.ps1 <# No agrs will increase brightness (+10) #>
.\brightness.ps1 desc <# desc as arg will decrease brightness (-10) #>

Now I compiled this file to .exe, to replicate that,

  • First Install ps2exe module in powershell (as admin)

    Install-Module ps2exe
  • Simply use this module to convert ps1 to exe

    Invoke-ps2exe .\brightness.ps1 .\brightness.exe -noConsole

First I thought of using AutoHotKey, but i couldn't utilise any function key there. So, settled with G-Hub instead

Now, head over to G-Hub add this file as application, twice , one for +10 and other for -10, remember to add desc there and then change whatever Function keys you want map to brightness.

FYI: I used F6 key to change to G-shift mode. and F7 to increase brightness and F8 to decrease brightness in G-shift mode. No updation made in default mode.

Please comment, for any suggestion regarding this keyboard, or any wonderful hack you have in mind.

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